FAQ Private Sale

What is My Lovely Planet ? 

My Lovely Planet is the world first Ecoverse that puts the power of gaming and blockchain to protect the environment. It’s a mobile game where you can play and protect the environment. 

What is our Mission ? 

Our mission is to create a community of 100 million people commite to the protection of the environment thanks to gaming. Our goal is to plant and protect 1 billion tree, clean up 1 million tons of plastic waste from the ocean and protect biodiversity.

Who is behind My Lovely Planet ? 

My Lovely Planet has been created by Clément Le Bras, a social entrepreneur that co-funded lilo.org, a search engine that finances social and environmental projects. Lilo has given more than 4 million € to NGO’s. 

Can blockchain be eco-friendly ?

We all have heard that blockchain and crypto are bad for the environment. In fact, it depends on the technology used. For exemple, Bitcoin is using Proof Of Work technology which is consuming a lot of material for GPUs and energy. My Lovely Planet on the contrary is using Proof Of Stake technology which is 2 000 000 times less consuming than bitcoin and does not require to buy additional GPUs. In conclusion, yes it is possible to have an eco-friendly blockchain.

How can My Lovely Planet protect the environment ? 

My Lovely Planet is going to give 15% of its revenue generated through ads and purchase in the game to NGO’s. In addition, 10% of the $MLC will also be given to NGO’s.

How can I buy My Lovely Coin tokens $MLC (My Lovely Coin) ? 

You can buy $MLC by registering to our whitelist for our private sale. You can register to our whitelist here (link)

When can I buy $MLC ?

You will be able to buy tokens in june and july if you are registered to our whitelist

How will I receive my $MLC ?

If you have bought $MLC tokens, you will receive have to open a Tezos compatible wallet (don’t worry we will help you with that). Once it’s opened, you will give us your private Key and we will transfer the $MLC tokens on your wallet according to what you’ve bought and your vesting schedule. From there, you will be able to trade your $MLC with other cryptos or euros. 

Where can I ask my questions ? 

You can reach us at support@nullgetimagine.org

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